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Q: What equipment do I need to create a laser show?

A: There are many different ways to configure laser systems, we select the appropriate technologies based on the individual application.  The 3 basic elements are Content, Control, and Projection.


Computer files - These files contain the digitized laser animation frames and instructions for playing the scenes in sync with music or another control system.  We create the shows using Pangolin Laser Show Designer and Showtime.

Digital audio files - For laser shows longer than a few minutes we usually record all the finished laser programming to a multi-track digital audio system such as Alesis HD24.


Computer Control - Using a PC as the interface in conjunction with a Pangolin laser output device such as a QM2000 or FlashBack3, gives the user the ability to flexibility change programming and create live effects.

Alesis HD24 - For simple ‘Press Play’ control we use the Alesis HD24 or other digital audio systems for playback of pre-recorded shows.  We combine the HD24 with a Raven Systems Transcoder to modify the audio signals into laser control signals, as well as add geometry controls to the system.


The laser projector(s) are what actually display the laser show onto the screen or into theatrical fog in the air.  The type of projector is specified depending on variables such as venue, screen surface, ambient light, graphics or beam effects, colors, and budget.  Signal cables are used to connect the control system to the laser projectors.


Basic Planetarium

1- HD24

1 - Transcoder

1 - Purewhite RGB 2 watt laser graphics projector

Standard Planetarium

1 - HD24

1 - Pangolin FlashBack3 QuickShow control system

2 - Transcoders

1 - Purewhite RGB 2 watt laser graphics projector

2 - Infinity 1000 Green 2.5 watt beam projectors

Deluxe Planetarium

1 - HD24

1 - Pangolin QM2000 computer control system

2 - Transcoders

3 - Purewhite RGB 2 watt laser projectors

Custom installations usually incorporate rack mounted networked Pangolin QM2000 .NET computer control systems for control.  Outdoor venues often incorporate Infinity 2000 yag lasers for high powered green beams.  Indoor venues usually have a combination of Purewhite RGB graphics projectors and Infinity 1000 beam projectors.


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