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Airspace Observer Training
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires airspace observers for most outdoor venues that involve unterminated beam effects. Laser Fantasy offers a comprehensive review of the ANSI Z136.6 (American National Standards Institute) Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors recommended standards and procedures for airspace observers involved with the use of outdoor laser systems. Includes Laser Safety Observers manual formulated by SAE G10 committee, which provides guidance to proprietors for the optimal use of safety observers and recommends the minimum requirements for a safety observer. Four (4) hours of training includes outdoor evening practice session at LFI headquarters. Arrangements can be made for our LSO to conduct training at a location of your choice for an additional fee.

Annual Reports
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires submission of an annual report, due September 1 of each year. Laser Fantasy can prepare and submit your annual reports as required by CDRH Involves analysis of all your laser activity from July 1 of each year to June 30 of each year. Copies of completed report(s) will be sent to you and to CDRH on your behalf. Submission of these documents is a prerequisite to obtaining variance renewal.

Assistance with Notifications
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires a notification for all laser shows, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires notification for all outdoor shows, and most state governments require notification. Laser Fantasy can prepare and/or train you on how to prepare the notifications required by these regulatory agency(s) for the location of your show(s). Copies of the forms required and instructions on how to fill them out will be provided. A comprehensive list of known agencies (Federal, state, local) to be contacted, as well as governmental resources and regulations will be provided.

FAA Annual Renewal
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) issues their letter of non-objection for outdoor laser activity for a maximum of one year at a time. Therefore, outdoor laser venues with aerial beam effects must submit annual notifications to the FAA. Non-compliance would eliminate all unterminated laser activity.
Laser Fantasy can contact and submit the required notification to your FAA regional contact for renewal of your letter of non-objection and conduct any negotiations that might arise during the renewal process. Copies of the notification and the letter of non-objection will be handed off to your LSO (Laser Safety Officer) for your records. Any new requirements or control measures will be explained to you in detail.

Laser Safety Consultation
Laser Fantasy is available for safety consultation relating to laser products, which include: lasers, projectors, support equipment and show design. A report will be created relating to your specific needs and concerns. The report will list type of project to be addressed, explanation of safety concerns and suggested solutions. Arrangements can be made for a consultation at a location of your choice for an additional fee.

Laser Safety Training
Laser safety training, according to American National Standards Institute’s ANSI Z136.1, shall be provided to all personnel that will be routinely working lasers. Laser Fantasy can conduct an extensive laser safety training course for you and/or your staff which includes a power point presentation and copies of our Laser Safety Manual. You and/or your staff will learn about the following subjects:

  1. Articles on Laser Safety: Laser Types, Classification and Operation, Nominal Hazard Zone, Control Measures, Laser Safety Standards – an Overview, Glossary

  2. USAF Eye Hazards: United States Air Force document USAFSAM-TR-88-21R Medical Management of Combat Laser Eye Injuries.
    o ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z136.6: Review of American National Standards Institute – National Standard of the Safe Use of Lasers and the Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors.

  3. FDA/CDRH Regulations: Review compliance guide for laser products including laser show guidelines and notification procedures.

  4. Procedures for Outdoor Laser Operations: Review policy, responsibilities and guidelines for outdoor laser operations. Includes a manual for training Laser Safety Airspace Observers.

  5. Agency Addresses: Contact names, addresses, phone and fax #s of Regulatory and training agencies

This training takes five (5) hours. Arrangements can be made for our LSO to conduct safety training at a location of your choice for an additional fee.

Show Reports
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires show reports when submitting for a variance or when there has been a change to your current laser show configuration (such as relocation of lasers in venue and/or addition of lasers to you venue). Laser Fantasy can prepare and submit the required show report for your company/venue to CDRH and forward you a copy. Laser Fantasy can conduct any follow up negotiations that may be required.

Standard Operating Procedures
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires that all laser proprietors to have documented Standard Operating Procedures in place and available to your staff at all times. Laser Fantasy will compose and issue the customized Standard Operating Procedures for your particular venue. A copy of this document must be included when you apply for a variance. This document will include:

  1. Location of laser site, description of laser(s), purpose/application of lasers, ANSI Z136.1 classification, hazards, controls, operating procedures, and emergency procedures.

Variance Application
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires all lasers that exceed the limits of a Class IIIa laser to apply for a variance. A variance is a formal permission to deviate from a requirement of the regulations. A variance for laser light shows and devices is generally granted based on a determination that the product is required to perform a function which cannot be performed with equipment in compliance with the standard and that suitable means of radiation safety and protection will be provided.
Laser Fantasy will prepare the variance application and submit to CDRH on your behalf. Laser Fantasy will submit a copy to you for your records. Laser Fantasy has extensive experience and an excellent relationship with the CDRH, which can expedite this often lengthy and time-consuming process.

Variance Renewal
CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) requires variance renewal by the date noted on page1 Item C on your variance. Laser Fantasy can submit a request to CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) for renewal of your variance on your behalf. Laser Fantasy will assist those of you who will need to renew your variance, those of you who do have an expired variance and/or may want to add or change an aspect of your current variance. Laser Fantasy will also submit a copy of the request to you for your records.

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