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Infinity 2000 - 100w

100 watt Green Lasers for High Power Beam Effects.

Designed specifically for the entertainment, advertising display, and architectural lighting industries, the Laser Fantasy Infinity 2000 - 100w is the brightest and most cost effective laser beam system available.  Dazzling 100 watt high visibility beams coupled with ease-of-use and superior reliability sets the I-2000 apart from other lasers.  Spectacular lime green beams can be visible up to 40 miles or 64 km outdoors, weather and lighting conditions permitting.  Indoors the I-2000 will produce powerful overhead beam effects, even in fully lit areas.

Since its introduction in 1995, Infinity 2000 lasers have been vital component behind some of the most powerful laser displays in the world.  One of the most popular high-power lasers available for permanent installations or touring, the Infinity 2000 has reliably entertained and amazed people for decades.  And the Infinity 2000 family keeps improving!

The 100w is the latest generation of the Infinity-2000 laser, a new fiber laser source provides even greater reliability at a fraction of the electrical draw as well as shedding the need for water cooling.   The laser head maintains the proven optical layout of previous I-2000 lasers, with modern electronics for ultimate control over the beam scanning pattern. Operation of the I-2000 comes from an updated controller with a familiar but simplified interface, incorporating popular control protocols such as DMX-512, ILDA and TCP/IP.

The Laser Fantasy Infinity 2000 - 100w brings an unprecedented amount of laser power to any project.

The I-2000 - 100w Aerial Beam System includes: 

  1. Laser Head

  2. Laser Controller

  3. Lamp Driver

Laser Head

• 100 Watt standard output power; 50-400 Watt options

• 3mm diameter, 0.3mrad divergence for unparalleled long-distance visibility

• Lime-green 532 nm wavelength for maximum apparent brightness

• Continuous Wave operation for improved safety compared to pulsed lasers

• Analog intensity modulation allows show pacing and smooth transitions

• Integrated scanner control system with adjustable amplitude, offset, and leveling

• 4 On/Off effect drivers for actuators, 2 Analog effect drivers for faders

• Laser Head Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 7 in; 56 x 38 x 18 cm

• Laser Head Weight: 25 lbs, 11 kg

Laser Controller

• Simple and logical push button interface for easy training and operation

• ILDA-Standard DB-25 laser control input

• Remote control available through DMX-512 or TCP/IP Interfaces

• Standard 19” Rackmount Controller, 19 x 15 x 5.25 in, 46 x 56 x 13 cm

• Standard 19” Rackmount Driver, 19 x 20 x 7.0 in, 46 x 51 x 18 cm

• Controller Weight: 22 lbs, 10 kg

• Lamp Driver Weight: 75 lbs, 35 kg

Remote Features:

• Diode current control

• Complete laser system shutter control

• Control of effect drivers for actuators and faders

• Complete system power on/off (TCP/IP Only)

• Blanking configuration (TCP/IP Only)

• System interlock status monitoring (TCP/IP Only)

• Remote diagnostics (TCP/IP Only)


  1. Pangolin interface and scanning or multiplex package for creation and instant recall of beams or graphic sequences

  2. Fiber optic launch system distributes light to compact remote scan heads

  3. Multiplex mirror bounce system provides independent control of up to 16 simultaneous beam positions

Facility Requirements:

  1. Operating Temperature: 50 to 110 F, 10 to 45 C

  2. Storage Temperature: -14 to 110 F, -10  to 60 C

  3. Humidity: 0-50%, non-condensing

  4. Electrical service: 100 - 240 Volts +/-10%,

  5. Laser input power and heat load: 450 Watts typical static / 750 Watts typical Scanning

A detailed product sheet is available for download here.Infinity_2000_100w_files/LF_Infinity_2000_100w_Cutsheet_1.pdf

With decades of experience building lasers and laser show systems, we design, manufacture, and support the highest quality laser light show equipment available worldwide.

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