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Planetarium Laser Show Systems

Complete laser show packages from economic to extreme

Laser Fantasy projectors are the instruments that bring our dreams into your reality. Our Rainbow Purewhite and Infinity Beam lasers incorporate state-of-the-art DPSS lasers, industry-leading Cambridge Technology scanners & drivers, all-glass optics, and custom dielectric coatings, providing the best beam quality on the market. Our projectors are constructed with low-expansion materials, and provide a thermally-stabilized optical platform to minimize optical distortion. Powered from a standard wall outlet with no need for water cooling, installation is painless. With their shoe-box size and available remote control, our lasers can be mounted in discreet locations while you retain full control and system monitoring.

Rainbow Purewhite RGB

The Rainbow Purewhite laser is designed to be the ultimate full-color graphics laser projector, with perfect CIE-standard white balance and impeccable beam quality. When your audience will be focused on the projections for an hour at a time, you need a laser with a symmetrical beam and accurate color balance. The Rainbow Purewhite lasers are phenomenal for graphics, and as beam projectors their patterns are crisp, well defined, and vivid.

Infinity Beam

The Infinity Beam is the most affordable version of our self-contained, high-power, air-cooled, single-color laser systems. With a little theatrical fog in the air, this green laser’s beam effects perfectly complement the vibrant graphics on the screen.

Laser Shows

Our laser show artistry, quality, and variety will engage your audience and generate lines at your box office. We specialize in planetarium laser shows, with over 100 titles, spanning classic rock, modern sensations, and educational shows. Our award winning programs combine clever animations with kaleidoscopic abstract imagery. Show license prices are calculated to fit the needs of each venue.


Instant access to any show is at your fingertips with the Laser Fantasy show playback system. The hard drive based system is simple to operate and has 2 drive bays so you always have a backup. Optical Showlink Transcoders are the bridge between the HD24 and the lasers and incorporate digital geometry controls. Adding a PC as an additional input source provides customization and live show features.  We offer both the user friendly FlashBack3 and professional level LD2000 from Pangolin Laser Systems.

Laser Fantasy Planetarium Show Systems

Combine the world’s best laser library with our high-performance Rainbow Purewhite laser projectors and state-of-the-art control systems to create the ultimate laser show theater package. Laser Fantasy can customize your system by adding options such as show creation tools, live interfaces, LED cove lighting, and additional laser effects. With top-notch quality backed by unsurpassed customer support, there is a perfect Laser Fantasy show system for your venue.

A detailed product sheet is available for download herePlanetarium_Systems_files/LF_Systems4.pdf

Planetarium Laser Show Systems

Draw more visitors to your facility and inspire them to return more often, with powerful and engaging laser displays.

Basic package:

One Rainbow Purewhite color graphics laser projector and playback system.

Starting at $34,995

Standard package:

One Rainbow Purewhite color graphics laser projector, two monochromatic beam projectors, playback system, and FlashBack3.

Starting at $64,995

Deluxe package:

One Rainbow Purewhite color graphics laser projector, two color beam projectors, playback system, and LD2000 with Touchscreen PC interface.

Starting at $99,995

With decades of experience building lasers and laser show systems, we design, manufacture, and support the highest quality laser light show equipment available worldwide.

Laser Fantasy Laser Systems

Rainbow Purewhite Laser

1-4 watt RGB lasers

Infinity 2000 Laser

50 watt yag laser

Infinity 2000-100w Laser

100 watt yag laser

Infinity 1000 Laser

1-10 watt mono-color lasers

Infinity Beam Laser

1.25-5 watt green lasers

Planetarium Packages

From economic to extreme