Laser Fantasy is the worldwide leader in planetarium laser light shows.

Combining exceptional hardware with the greatest catalog, Laser Fantasy shows create an exciting experience that will keep your audiences coming back again and again.

The World’s Largest Laser Show Library


Laser shows, and growing

Brilliantly Designed Laser Show Systems

Special features:

  • Superior image quality, beam profile, and perfect color balance
  • Dome filling aerial laser beam effects
  • Built in optical effect filters add vibrant textures to performances
  • Live performance capabilities enables each showing to be unique
  • Industry standard hardware interfaces and show file format

Laser shows combine art and science in a unique way, displaying a variety of shows is the perfect way to entice repeat visitors.


Laser shows not only generate income, but they add variety to your visitors, and extend operational hours.


Offering Laser Shows as an extra feature for special events and theater rentals makes your venue more attractive.

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