Enhance your control system and add atmosphere

Performance Console

Laser Fantasy shows began as entirely live productions and we encorage our venues to enhance our shows with live performance.  With the performance console, the Laserist is able to perform live changes to shows. Some of the live effects are optical filters in the projector, and some are digital changes to the projections. Adjust colors, intensities, symmetries, and which projectors are active, all with a few sliders and knobs.

The performance console features a 5×8 RGB cue-launching grid that’s built for dexterous performance. RGB lighting provides visual feedback so you can intuitively perform. The performance console comes equipped with an array of assignable faders and knobs: nine reinforced faders and eight channel control knobs are arranged in-line with each channel for an intuitive layout and smarter workflow. Eight Device Control knobs make it easy to tweak device parameters and light up to provide visual feedback of each parameter. The performance console is powered over USB and supports plug-and-play connectivity.

BEYOND Advanced

Laser Fantasy Laser Systems incorporate the latest professional level laser show software created by Pangolin Laser Systems called BEYOND. BEYOND Advanced is included in all of our packages, and the option to upgrade to BEYOND Ultimate is available to access the full suite of Pangolin production tools.

BEYOND is a professional laser design software made for lighting professionals, and used to create the world’s highest quality laser shows and effects. BEYOND supports all lighting protocols including DMX, ArtNET, MIDI, SMPTE timecode, and OSC, making it easier than ever before to integrate lasers into any multimedia show or design.

With BEYOND you will have the ability to create your own programming, text messages, and add logos for special events. Pangolin BEYOND makes it fast and easy to import new content, as well as easily re-arranging show set lists. This flexible software allows for DMX control of other lighting and equipment, as well as reconfiguration of your laser hardware in the future should you add to your system.


In order to see laser beams dancing through the air over your head, there needs to be a little bit of atmosphere. Kick on a hazer for a moment, and suddenly the beams seem like you could reach out touch them.

The Tour Hazer II S from Smoke Factory is a water-based haze machine that provides incredible power and efficiency. The Tour Hazer II S runs quietly and efficiently. The output is dry to the touch and doesn’t leave residue on nearby equipment like oil based fog machines sometimes will.

Tour Hazer II S is completely controllable using DMX. It features 2-Channel DMX control allowing you to operate the internal fan and the haze-output independently.
The robust hose system inside the Tour Hazer II allows the fixture to be tilted and operated on any side, and the direction of the haze output can easily be changed using the custom 45° adjustable baffle.
*Manufactured in Germany.

    Hazer Features

    • This product comes with 1 free container smoke fluid
    • Power output: 1500Watt
    • Power requirement: 110V
    • Heating time: ~ 60 sec.
    • Fluid consumption: 16 ml/min. (max.output), 1, 5 ml/min. (50%)
    • Control options: DMX 512, Stand-Alone, Timer (integrated), Analog 0-10V (cable remote control or radio remote control available as accessories), W-DMX (optional)
    • Weight: 36 lbs (16,5 kg)
    • Dimensions: 22″ x 10″ x 16″ (55 x 26,5 x 41,5 cm)