Rainbow FX

Full-Color Laser Projectors for Graphics and Beams

Laser Fantasy projectors are the instruments that bring our dreams into your reality. Engineered for projecting lively laser animations, beautiful abstracts, and sharp aerial beam effects in a theatrical setting.

Our Rainbow FX lasers feature a perfect white balance and built-in optical special effects. Star, Fuzz, Lumia and Diffraction Grating effects are programmed into our shows to add textured light in key moments, and can also be triggered live. Built-in Pangolin Flashback4 controllers, make each laser independently controllable.

Our engineers put a lot of effort into getting the color balance correct. When the audience is focused on laser graphics for an hour, we need the color palette to be subtle, beautiful, and some would even say ‘fruity’.

Rainbow FX laser projectors are designed and built in the USA, incorporate modern solid state lasers, and ScannerMax scanners. These projectors are constructed with low-expansion materials, and provide a thermally-stabilized optical platform to minimize optical distortion making them virtually maintenance free. All-glass optics, and custom dielectric coatings, provide the best beam quality on the market. With a divergence of .7 mRad, the power density of the laser imagery appears more saturated and brighter. If you’ll pardon the pun, the new Rainbow FX truly is ‘Laser Sharp’.

Our solid state diode lasers don’t require special utilities, merely a standard power outlet and ethernet. The Rainbow FX is about the size of a toaster and can be discretely installed nearly anywhere.

For world-class laser shows, the Rainbow FX delivers the ultimate viewing experience for your audience.

Fuzz Filter

The Fuzz Filter diffuses the laser projection to create a softer image.

Star Filter

The Star Filter creates streakes of light on dots making the imagery look sparkely.

Diffraction Grating

The Diffraction Grating filter multiplies imagery and colors, filling the screen with numerous versions of the source image.

Lumia Filter

The Lumia Filter warps the laser light, creating aurora style clouds of light.

Stunning laser displays with unrivaled color fidelity plus optical effects.

Rainbow FX lasers are phenomenal for graphics. And as beam projectors their patterns are crisp, well defined, and vivid.

The flexible network architecture means it is easy to add lasers to a system. Plug it into the network, adjust the software configuration, and your shows just got a lot bigger.

    Control Interface

    • Built-in Pangolin Flashback4
    • ILDA compatible DB-25 input
    • Remote control for system power and interlock

    Optical Specifications

    • Optical effects: lumia, star, fuzz, diffraction grating
    • 2 watts – CIE-Standard D65 white balanced
    • 3 watts – At full power with alternate white balance
    • Beam diameter: 3mm
    • Beam divergence: <0.7 mRad
    • Modulation speed: 100kHz analog
    • Digital diode drivers for superior colors and fades
    • Standard scan rate: ILDA 30kpps at 60 degrees optical
    • Maximum scan rate: ILDA 90kpps at reduced scan angles
    • Pangolin ScannerMAX: Saturn or Compact 506
    • All-glass optics with custom front-surface dielectric coatings

    Mechanical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 20cm x 26cm x 13cm (8” x 10” x 5”)
    • Weight: 4 kg (19 lbs)

    Electrical Specifications

    • Power Input: 80-240 VAC 50-60Hz, 600W maximum,
    • Medical grade power supplies for ultimate reliability

    Operating Conditions

    • Air cooled
    • Temperature: 5-50 C
    • Humidity: 10-90%, non condensing at 25C

    Industry-Leading Standard Warranty

    • Parts: 2 years / 5000 operating hours
    • Labor: 3 years