The story of the Grand Coulee Dam is illustrated with inspiring graphics.

Spectacular abstract imagery is an exciting component of the show.

Grand Coulee Dam – Coulee, WA

The Largest Dam Laser Show in the World

Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State, is one of the oldest and largest hydro electrical projects of its kind. Located 240 miles from Seattle it is truly a technical marvel of man- made innovation and engineering.

While the dam itself was a destination for vacationers there was actually not much to do at night once you arrived in Coulee city. Hence an entertainment attraction was needed at the town’s major attraction Grand Coulee Dam. Fun for the whole family after a day in your boat on the Columbia River was the goal.

After over 2 decades, the Grand Coulee Dam remains the largest laser show screen in the world.

Grand Coulee Bureau of Reclamation engaged Laser Fantasy to create a one of a kind multi-media experience. The theme show titled “Water & Life” is one that would be so unique and so spectacular that it would engage park visitors to return time after time to experience the extravaganza. The concept of the show was to be an entertaining and educational experience teaching how and why the dam was built.

The 35 minute long “Water and Life” show dances against the backdrop of the cascading water over the Grand Coulee dam extending over one mile wide. Viewers can select from several viewing locations around the area to experience the show, and the soundtrack is simulcast via FM radio so viewers can park from miles away and enjoy the show through their car stereos.

In 2012 the Laser Fantasy built system and show was retired.