The Infininty 2000 laser was the perfect choice to power the effects.

Hilton Lumenaria – Las Vegas, NV

The Hilton Logo Brought to Life with Lasers

In 1994 Laser Fantasy created the largest and brightest outdoor laser spectacles Las Vegas has ever seen. Lumenaria was a musical fountain featuring laser and lighting effects at the entrance of the Las Vegas Hilton hotel and casino.

The project featured an 80 foot elliptical pool to frame the sculpture designed to bring the Hilton logo to life. The sculptural Icon was fabricated by Dillon Works. Each capital of the 360 degree sculpture/logo became a launch point for fountain effects designed by of Show Fountains, as well as for launch of our powerful YAG laser beam effects.

Laser Fantasy provided nearly 200 watts of laser power (four I-2000 YAG lasers) through 17 fiber-optic remote effects heads. A half-million dollar fountain effects package, sound system, and underwater scenic lighting system completed the project. The soundtrack featured music licensed from David Lanz and principal laser effects programming was created by Laser Fantasy founder Floyd Rollefstad.

Between shows, several static laser beams projected between casinos on the strip and terminated on the mountains miles away. Las Vegas visitors could easily find the Hilton by following the powerful green laser beams back to the source.