24 bounce mirrors around the perimeter bounce the beams skyward.

Laser beams converge high above Millennium Park.

The laser tower is the centerpiece of the multi-use park.

Millennium Park – Calgary, Canada

Circular Laser Beam Sculpture Reaches Skyward

Canada’s first permanent outdoor laser display is in Millennium Park. The Millennium Landmark features a circular centerpiece in the middle of the park that accommodates a kiosk, toilets and maintenance facilities, and provides connections to various parts of the park and beyond. The design features a spiral ramp surrounded by 24 columns, which deflect 24 beams generated in the centre of the scheme by two high intensity lasers to produce a 1,000 foot high tower of light. The beams bounce skyward creating an hourglass shaped grid of vibrant laser beams.

Powered by a pair of Laser Fantasy Infinity 2000 lasers, the beams are directed through an efficient multi-plex scanning system which evenly distributes the light. This way when a pair of beams is lit the light is split 50/50, and as more beams are added the light is evenly divided up keeping each beam as bright as possible.

The park is a spectacular combination of laser technology and architecture.