Massive laser projections dance across buildings.

The show was so large, it was best viewed from a few miles away.

Power of Houston – Houston, TX

Downtown Houston Becomes a Pyro and Laser Showcase

The Power of Houston, sponsored by Houston utility Reliant Energy, was a 30-minute special effects extravaganza highlighting a three-day festival celebrating the city.

The show was an enormous audio/visual performance seen throughout the Houston skyline. Billed as “The Largest Laser, Light and Fireworks Spectacular in North America”, it was a breathtaking display of pyrotechnics and light. A live sound broadcast was coordinated with local radio stations so that all Houstonians could participate equally in real time throughout the event.


Fireworks and lasers combine to light up the sky over Houston.

Laser Fantasy was one of three laser companies on the project, working along side LD Systems of Houston. A total of 21 laser systems projected graphics on buildings and beams into the sky. Power Of Houston required 10-tons of pyrotechnics, 400 optical watts of laser, and 2 million watts of light. 84 sites were linked with 15 miles of dedicated cabling to ensure split-second timing throughout the entire show. This achievement was accomplished by setting up a central voice and data communications headquarters which functioned around the clock for several weeks leading up to and throughout the event. 125 highly skilled technicians joined the team for a three week period of operations.

The presentation was seen by millions of spectators over 144 city blocks, and was visible three hundred sixty degrees around the city. Buildings over one thousand feet tall were illuminated in a multitude of colors and became the stage from which to launch pyrotechnics.