Laser effects bring the live production to new heights.

Lasers graphics are projected onto the dome and beams sweep the sky.

Seoulland – Seoul, South Korea

Spectacular Outdoor Theme Park Productions

Laser Fantasy’s state-of-the-art laser installation at the Seoulland Theme Park is the centerpiece of this musical special effects show, which over the years has incorporated a beam ballet, laser harp, fiber fed hand held laser wands and an inflatable flying saucer with custom designed fiber optics and beam projectors.

For nearly two decades Seoulland engaged Laser Fantasy to create laser effects for their yearly updated multi-media experience. The shows were so unique and spectacular that it would bring back park visitors year after year. The nightly show capped the day of fun for park visitors with a live production incorporating dozens of laser projectors.

Laser beams punctuate the effects driven shows.

It’s Circque du Soleil meets Epcott Center only Korean. A true artful experience to behold!

Laser Fantasy won several laser industry ILDA awards for the productions at Seoulland, including the best show in the laser industry 2004.

Laser Fantasy’s artful approach to bring ever evolving laser effects to Seoulland made it the must see attraction for every visitor for seventeen years!