Rooftop lasers seen from across Hong Kong.

Lasers and searchlights are choreographed to the soundtrack.

Symphony of Lights – Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Waterfront Lights Up the Entire Harbor

When Australia’s Laservision Mega~Media conceived their Symphony of Lights show in Hong Kong Harbor, they turned to Laser Fantasy to provide OEM-branded lasers for the tallest buildings. This dramatic nightly show illuminates buildings across the entire Victoria Harbor skyline, changing in time with the compelling music.

Laser Fantasy built lasers reach across Hong Kong harbor.

Enhanced over the course of a few years, there are now six 50-Watt Laser Fantasy Infinity 2000 lasers in the display. With over a decade of operation in nightly shows, the Laser Fantasy Infinity 2000 systems have proven to be robust and reliable and are expected to give many more years of exemplary service.

With six 50-watt lasers creating an astonishing 300 Watts of laser output, the Symphony of Lights is only surpassed with our installation at the Galaxy Casino in Macau the title of “Most Powerful Permanent Laser Display in the World.”