Release Year:
BEYOND, ILDA, Laser Fantasy, Skylase
Family, Pop, Rock
40 minutes

The Great Space Chase

Show Description:
“It’s an Intergalactic, Virtual-Reality Accelerator Suit. And it’s been stolen!” Join Lt. Photeus as he tracks the sinister Captain Xenon through our solar system. “The Great Space Chase” is a detective mystery, which teaches Audiences about our solar system and the universe beyond. This astronomy program is a light-hearted look at the universe around us, and features space-related music by popular artists.
Set List:
Chapter 1
Ready Steady Go - Paul Okenfold
Chapter 2
Ray of Light - Madonna (BEAMS)
Chapter 3
Elevation - U2
Chapter 4
Galaxy Song - Monty Python
Chapter 5
Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex (BEAMS)
Chapter 6